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Prices (Rates) and Time Frames

Port Douglas and Far North Queensland have two main seasons: High (dry) season and Low (Wet) season. Both are beautiful in their own right and offer different positive and negatives and they also dictate the pricing and availability of accommodation. While we do recommend always booking in advance to avoid disappointment, it is easier to book last minute during the low season months whereas over the high season, there is very limited last minute availability. 

Peak (High Season) 21 Jun - 31 Oct Prior bookings required
Off Peak (Low Season) 1 Nov - 20 Jun Prior bookings highly recommended



There are four general locations visitors should think about: 

Port Douglas


Daintree Village

Daintree / Cape Tribulation

Use the 'filter' function when searching select your preferred locations

Common Room Configurations

Most Port Douglas hotels, resorts and apartments are made up of the following configurations: These are suitable for all types of travellers from solo and couples to families and those with small children as well work trips or business. 

  • Resort Room or Studio Apartments
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments or Villas 
  • 4 & 5 Bedroom Houses or Villas

Resort Rooms and Studio Apartments

Ideal for couples, these rooms offer intimacy as well as space that is perfect for two. Whether you prefer a swim-up bar, swim-out room, or adults-only setting, you can find the perfect resort or hotel with the amenities that suit you best. Use the filters to easily compare prices and select the ideal accommodation for your needs.
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1 Bedroom Apartments

1-bedroom apartments are incredibly popular among young families and couples, serving as a perfect base for romantic adventures. Port Douglas offers a wide variety of 1-bedroom accommodations, from simple apartments with kitchenettes to spacious, self-contained luxury apartments at larger resorts. 
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2 Bedroom Apartments

Ideal for two couples or families, 2-bedroom apartments are a popular choice in Port Douglas. These apartments can be configured with two single beds in one room for families or singles, or a king bed for two couples. While some larger resorts offer 2-bedroom apartments, they are primarily found in smaller hotels. 
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3 Bedroom Apartments and Villa Accommodation

Travelling with a group of friends or the whole family is a delight in Port Douglas. Known for accommodating annual gatherings, 3-bedroom apartments ensure everyone is comfortable. Although not many larger resorts offer 3-bedroom apartments, you can use the accommodation filters to find something suitable.
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4 & 5 Bedroom Houses or Villas

Perfect for executive couples hosting friends, affluent families, or larger groups, holiday houses and private villas provide an affordable and luxurious way to travel. Port Douglas offers a great variety of these properties, each with its own special features.

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Types of Pools

There are plenty of pools in Port Douglas accommodation:

3 ways Port Douglas accommodation is rated and reviewed

Port Douglas hotels and resorts are also judged and awarded star ratings by official bodies such as NRMA, RAC, and RACQ. These ratings are based on a range of factors, with mystery guests ensuring ongoing quality. The star ratings are as follows:

  • Very Good: 65-74% - 4 Star
  • Superior: 75-89% - 4.5 Star
  • Excellent: 90-100% - 5 Star


When planning a getaway, most travelLers rely on TripAdvisor to choose the best accommodation, tours, and experiences. TripAdvisor leverages consumer feedback to guide users in making informed decisions. Word of mouth, amplified through reviews, plays a crucial role in influencing travel choices.

Reviewers on TripAdvisor rate accommodations based on service, location, rooms, and overall experience. They also answer questions about the facilities and provide detailed comments on their stay, offering a comprehensive view of the accommodation.

Each year, TripAdvisor holds national awards, and Port Douglas hotels, resorts, and apartments consistently rank highly. These accolades highlight the area's commitment to exceptional guest experiences.


In addition to TripAdvisor ratings, many Port Douglas hotel and resort owners provide self-ratings based on their facilities and the standard of accommodation offered. With TripAdvisor's influence, owners strive for honest and realistic ratings to meet guest expectations. This self-rating system allows guests to have a clear understanding of what to expect in terms of luxury and amenities.

Find Your Perfect Port Douglas Getaway

Whether you are looking for luxury resorts, charming hotels, or spacious apartments, Port Douglas offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit every traveller's needs. Use TripAdvisor and official star ratings to find the perfect place for your next Port Douglas getaway. Experience the best in service, location, and amenities in this beautiful destination.

Book your dream vacation today and discover why Port Douglas is a top choice for unforgettable getaways!


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