Passports and Regulations for North Queensland

For all non Australians and non New Zealanders you need a valid passport and visa.  You must obtain them before you leave your country or you will be refused entry.

Do not bring any sort of food, plants, animals or anything that could carry bugs or disease into Australia. It is illegal and carries very heavy fines and confiscation. For more information on what you can and cant bring into the country please see


Climate for the Port Douglas Region


A proven hotspot for all Australian tourists with the southern states escaping the Australian Winter. The end of May until the beginning of August is winter in Australia. But not in Port Douglas. The humidity is relatively dry, rainfall is very rare and the day time temperature is around 25°C dropping to 16°C at night. Water temperature is around 25.


November through March are our tropical summer months with impeccable blues sky days and barmy nights up until until December. In December we usually experience the first of our summer rains at night. This releases much of the heat and humidity leading up until this time and is a welcome relief to many locals and tourists.

Summer is a very popular time for the North European and Northern American visitors escaping their freezing winters.

From January to March the region experiences frequent rain filled nights and uniqie sun shower days with most visitors taking the time to go to the rivers and waterholes to experience a true tropical rainforest experience. Visitors also flock to the reef where the days are usually still in full sun due to the coastal weather patterns.

The reef is oftern at its best in these month with zero winds and the clearest visibility experienced over the entire year.


Scuba Diving on the Great Barrier Reef from Port Douglas

Certified divers need a log book and diving certificate to dive unsupervised. Those who want to learn diving need a medical certificate Australian standard 4005.1. The diving centre where you want to learn the skills will organise this for you. More or dving can be found in the Tours & Experiences pages under Great Barrier Reef.

Immigration and Visa Forms and Questions

Please visit  Forms can be lodge over the net at

Health Risks for Port Douglas Region

There are no health precautions necessary for your stay in Port Doouglas, Australia. However please be aware of the strong tropical sun. Wearing sun cream protection, a sunhat and sunglasses is recommended at all times when outdoors.

To be safe in the waters of Tropical North Queensland whether they be the water holes, the beaches or the reef, please seek local advices before any swimming. Refer marine stingers and crocodile wise information.

Contact local doctors or phamacists if you have any questions


Booking Accommodation in Port Douglas

There are over 200 accommodation providers in Port Douglas. Selecting accommodation these days is made easier using filters. It's recommeded to book directly with accommodation providers to ensure more accurate information and communication. Cancellations are easier to handle also if required.  Savings are often made booking directly avoiding booking service commissions.

Compare and book directly with accommodation here


Booking Tour Experiences 

There are over 300 tour experiences in the Port Douglas and Daintree region. Selecting tours these days is made easier using filters to find the best ones that your sense of adventure. It's recommended to book directly with tour provders to ensure more accurate information and communication. Cancellations are easier to handle also if required.

Compare and book directly with tours here

Your Money | $AU - Currency | Port Douglas Region

Credit Cards and Travellers Cheques are widely accepted. Cash can be exchanged in nearly every bank. Eurocheques are not accepted.

Use your banks currency converter to access latest rates.

Power in the Port Douglas Region

Voltage in Australia is 240V AC. In most cases you will require an adapter which can be obtained (if not already bought at home) in every big Supermarket. Australian standard is plug I.

Telephone / Internet for the Port Douglas Region

+61 is Australia's international code. Then the State code is required eg 07 Queensland followed by the local number.

There are two different phone plugs available in Australia. These are the "Australian" and the "RJ11".  Phone Cards are available at most News agencies.

Time | Port Douglas Region

Port Douglas time is UTC / GMT + 10 hours.

Transportation throughout the Port Douglas Region

Most common travel throughout the region is done via local shuttle around Port Douglas or tour buses off to visit sites aroudn the region. Hire cars and scooters are also available.

General tip:

Over a month   Perhaps buy a car
Less than a month     Local Shuttles / Buses or Hire a car
Less than a week   All tours will pick you up from your accommodation


Airport Transfers

Travelling from Cairns Airport to Port Douglas is part of the beautiful experience of visiting Port Douglas.

Select either a shuttle or seat on bus or private transfer to suit you.

Book airport transfers here


Cruise Ships

Port Douglas is a prime destination in today's cruise ship market. Passengers disembark just off the coast and are ferried safely to the Reef Marina. Port Douglas is one of the closest and remote locations visited on the east coast. Tours & Experiences can be arranged on board but are often more expensive due to administration costs. These same activities can be accessed direct by passengers.

Passengers tend to just stroll around the town, parks and beaches either shopping or taking to the many unique restaurants and cafes available.

Port Douglas welcomes guests to the area by hosting markets and live music at the Port Douglas Marina. Passenger can walk up into town and down to Four Mile Beach, with transport only required if heading out of town for other activities.

Disabled Information

Port Douglas offers a range of experiences for all the family, including reef cruises, tours to the Great Barrier Reef, rainforest tours, scuba diving and golfing excursions. However, as you will be fully aware when traveling with a disabled family member, there's a lot more to consider than just the activities. Aspects of travelling, such as access, medical requirements and mobility issues are often taken for granted by able bodied travellers but to disabled travellers, these components all need to be in place to ensure an enjoyable vacation.

The majority of cruises now have disabled access. This includes ramps and staff available to help at any time with boarding and departing the cruise, as well as getting around while on the ship. It's vital to check your cruise has this before booking. This should be easy to do as many cruises state this on their website, or a simple phone call can tell you.

Once access to the cruise has been established, it's important to research the activities you wish to take part in while on holiday and find out whether they cater to disabled customers or not. Many scuba companies, for example, now allow those with disabilities to take part by providing the correct equipment and trained help.

It is recommended to discuss disabilities this with your accommodation or tour providers you may be using while on holidays.  All compaines will be accommodating and will be more than happy to help you to ensure your visit goes perfectly.

Distances and Travel Times from Port Douglas

Port Douglas to Cairns Airport 72km 50m
Port Douglas to Cairns City 80km 1h
Port Douglas to Daintree Village 55km 45m
Port Douglas to Daintree Ferry 60km 40m
Port Douglas to Cape Trib 85km 1h 45m
Port Douglas to Mossman Gorge 20km 15m
Port Douglas to Julaten  35km 30m
Port Douglas to Cooktown 400km 3h 30m

Sunsets and Sunrise times

Peak Sunsets & Sunrises for Port Douglas Region
Time Zone = AEST

Winter (July) Peak 

Sunrise         6:47am                                     
Sunset          5:59pm    

Summer (Nov) Peak

Sunrise        5:35am                                 
Sunset         6:28pm

Port Douglas Map

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