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Information about the region
Our Travel Planner is designed as an online resource for visitors to Far North Queensland, Australia. As such, we have tried to provide general travel information that will prove useful to intrastate, interstate and international visitors. Although we intend to publish the most accurate, up-to-date information possible regarding costs, dates and times, this information is bound to change frequently and updating as quickly as we would like is not always possible. We therefore cannot guarantee the accuracy of this material and suggest that you use it as a guide only.

Incorrect information
If we have published information that is incorrect, kindly advise us of such and we will gladly, upon verification, correct this information at the earliest possible time. Please bear in mind that it is in our interests, as well as yours, to have accurate and up-to-date information on this site.

Unsolicited information
Port Douglas Travel Planner is a tourism resource site and as such we have endeavoured to provide information that is useful for tourists and which should prove helpful for commercial bodies who engage in tourism activities. We have not deliberately set out to place information on this site that harms a business enterprise in any way. If you believe there is information about your business or service published on this site that should not be on this site, please email us and advise us of such and we will remove it from our site. Alternatively, if you believe that there is information on this site that disadvantages your business through it being on the site, or through the information not being accurate, you should also contact us so that we can change it to your satisfaction or else remove it.replica hublot big bang

Where we have included links to other Web sites, the inclusion of these links does not in any way endorse commercial products or services found on those sites - regardless of whether we have placed the links on our own behalf or whether the administrators or owners of those sites have paid Port Douglas Travel Planner for the links to be put in place. Links to other sites represent exit points from Port Douglas Travel Planner and visitors to our site go to these other sites at their own discretion.

Newsport Corporation Pty Ltd will not be liable for loss, damage, injury or death sustained to person or property arising from or directly or indirectly related to accommodation or any recreational activity arranged through our members (each called a "booking"), whether caused by negligence or otherwise. Port Douglas Travel Planner gives no warranty or assurance as to the security, safety or quality of accommodation or any recreational activity being the subject of a booking and all risk associated with accommodation or a recreational activity is solely yours. Recreational activities listed on Port Douglas Travel Planner may be dangerous and entail inherent risk to health or personal safety.

By your acceptance of a booking enquiry sent through Port Douglas Travel Planner, you release Port Douglas Travel Planner from liability and all claims (including claims for negligence) in respect of death or personal injury arising from or incidental to a booking or any accommodation and/or recreational activity which is the subject of a booking.  To the extent permitted by law:
a)    all warranties implied by section 74, Trade Practices Act 1974 ("TPA") are hereby negatived; and
b)    where section 68A, TPA is capable of applying, the liability on the part of Port Douglas Travel Planner (if any) is limited to supplying the "service" (as defined by TPA) again or the cost of have the identical service re-supplied.
Any contract between you and Newsport Corporation Pty Ltd is governed by the law of Queensland, Australia and you submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of that State.

Port Douglas Travel Planner will honour the booking cancellation policy of its client tour, dining experience or accommodation operators.  However, with any refund due, the booking and transaction fees charged at the time of the booking plus a $20 administration fee will be non-refundable.

Bookings changes or information updates
Once a booking is made with the Port Douglas Travel Planner the customer is required to make contact the operator directly for any cancellations, date changes or information updates. The operator information is made available on the booking confirmation.

Personal or property insurance is strictly at the onus of the customer. Port Douglas Travel Planner will not be held liable for any injury or loss whatsoever on any tour, travel or accommodation place.Port Douglas Travel Planner will always do their best to ensure your travel arrangements are satisfactory. The standard of our accommodation and tours are based on a number of factors and we do our best to ensure that our customers travel with reputable carriers and hotelliers on their own conditions. It is important to note that bookings made by Port Douglas Travel Planner are subject to the terms and conditions and limitations of liability imposed by the various service providers involved in your travel bookings, some of which may limit or exclude liability in respect to death, personal injury, delay and loss or damage occurring to property. By accepting this ticket, you the customer acknowledge that you agree to the terms above.

No Shows
Port Douglas Travel Planner  will not be held responsible for no shows, failure to operate or cancellation fees by the operator.

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