We asked you if you had any special stories to share of special moments here in Port Douglas


Mary Paljetak  

Soft swaying palm trees ‘giants’, of the Pacific’ by enchanting crystal clear blue waters. Champagne on ice & a bucket of prawns watching the sunset after a magical day on the reef. Romance is Port Douglas. 


Chantel Nicolopoulos  

In 2008 we visited on our "baby moon", fell in love with Port D. Came back in 2012 with 40 guests for our wedding in paradise. 


Lorraine Vassallo  

I stumbled across St Mary’s & The Sugar Wharf on holiday in 1991. Took my daughter there in 2007 when she was 12, She told me she wants to get married there when she grows up.  Back we went in 2017 with her fiancé where they became husband and wife. 


Taryn Morris  

My husband proposed at the beautiful Niramaya Day Spa. It will now be our first family holiday together at Christmas with our baby girl (due July!). Many special memories await! 


Nicola Dadd  

Happy memories of Palm fronds swaying in the breeze. Romantic meals long walks along 4 mile. Meeting up with childhood friends. So we moved here. Living the dream 


Dianne Draper  

My husband and I returned to Port Douglas last August for the second time. It will be an everlasting memory for me as he sadly passed away on May this year. We really treated ourselves in the most beautiful place we knew We celebrated 43 years of marriage. That's what I call romance. 


Nikki Arnold JP  

My husband (from Zimbabwe) and I (from Sydney) got married 20 years ago at our favourite destination - Port Douglas. We’ve returned 8 times and we always visit St Mary’s Church


Susan Keen Korn  

My husband and I had our first holiday in Port Douglas around 19 years ago. We returned every year and married at the beautiful chapel. Now we spend two or three months in the caravan park. I think we’re in love 


Cazza Horzie  

Love Port Dougie such a stunningly beautiful place, went there with my fiance Chappo Chappos and we loved it that much we had to go back. 


Deborah Gould  

My husband and I had our 25th anniversary at Port Douglas, it was magical and so last year we celebrated our 40th anniversary there too 


Bel Beacham  

Started holiday in Port Douglas 14 years ago and have been back many times since. Love it soo much and said if l was to ever get married It would be there. My husband and l married at the beautiful St Mary’s by the Sea in June 2018 and had the most magical day  


Lauren Boyce  

First ever family holiday with a baby & toddler was to Port Douglas! We went back the following year! Then the year after that got married on the Sugar Wharf on Easter Sunday this year! Amazing! 


Pip Burns  

Had our honeymoon there last year in November. We Loved every moment in Port Douglas. Hope to be back this year. 


Kerrie Harwood  

My hubby and I have been married for 12 yrs and got the past 10yr we go up port Douglas every year to celebrate. We bring our 7yr old with us. He absolutely loves it. 


Jason Ramm  

I'm just in love with Port Douglas, Beautiful place 


Emily Glasgo  

I met my husband in Port Douglas. We were both living at Dougies. (Ended up with a room in the Glasshouse!) I worked at Mango Jam and he worked at Hyper PD (showing our ages here). Our tents were next to each other and we were cooking dinner at the same time one night. We've been together 17 years! 


Aly Martin  

First Date at On the inlet, sunset cruise, proposal up the walkway to Nautilus Restaurant, honeymoon at The Oaks, anniversary at Salsa Bar & Grill and any chance we get to go to The place it all began 


Alicia Bartle  

Eloped and married on Four Mile beach



Thank you for sharing with us!