On a beautiful Thursday afternoon in Port Douglas, my partner and I arrived at Niramaya  Spa & Beauty excited to experience their renowned Romance Package.  Warmly greeted with a glass of refreshing water and a cool towel, we soaked up the stunning setting of the exotically beautiful Niramaya gardens.  

As we relaxed into the glorious surrounds and enjoyed a cup of peppermint tea the feelings of “in a rush” dissipated immediately. We were given the time to relax, reconnect with each other and ourselves before being led to our treatment room. With a fabulous view of the lush green foliage, the subtle sounds of the rainforest filling our ears, two massage tables awaiting us, we both knew we were in for a memorable afternoon. 

I glanced over at my partner to see if he was enjoying his massage.  A brief and hazy smile returned.  He loved the indulgence as much as I did.

Michaela and Christine, our therapists, walked us through our menu. They offered us a range of essential oils, each with a delicious aroma, and discussed any preferences we may have. It was lovely to feel that this experience was being tailored to our individual needs every step of the way. 

My personal choice was a floral based oil and our focus quite simply of pure relaxation. The combination was absolutely divine, the stress from everyday life evaporated, a feeling of relaxation and tranquillity ensued, as my talented therapist worked her magic. I glanced over at my partner to see if he was enjoying his massage.  A brief and hazy smile returned.  He loved the indulgence as much as I did. 

After an endless hour of the full body massage (the best hour spent so far this year) the therapist moved to the face. With the light and fluid movements of a trained therapist, Christine worked through a deep cleanse, refreshing tone and a gentle scrub. She softly explained the benefits and as if on cue my skin began to feel fresh and invigorated, the perfect balance to complement the full body treatment.  

While applying an eye serum (perhaps not on my partner’s mind but yes, please help those lines!) and a hydrating mask that felt soft and luxurious, this rejuvenating experience was heightened by a scalp massage. I heard my partner sigh, and I smiled. Finally his mind had switched off, fallen into sync with his body, and ultimate relaxation … pure bliss! 

When the time finally came we were gently roused. Rising at our leisure, soft robe on, we stepped out onto our private terrace. As we reclined in the spa bath in our rainforest setting, we toasted each other with a glass of sparkling wine and nibbled on some delicious Belgian chocolates. 

We both agreed, after a feast of the senses shared with each other … what a beautiful way to end our perfect day.