Sassi La Cucina + Bar Signature dish : Chilli Mud Crab 

Owners Tony and Di Sassi, legendary in the Port Douglas restaurant scene, have put together a venue where service is disarmingly attentive and the aperitivo selection and wine list is well thought out.  The menu is the perfect reflection of timeless Italian food but with a contemporary twist and a fragrant lightness of touch to suit the climate. 

A sensitive, intelligent reflection of the location, the produce underpinned by rock solid technique

Italian to the bone, Tony Sassi was born in Abruzzo on the Adriatic coast of Italy. He grew up with the wonderful flavours of the Italian seaside which he now translates into a modern cucina without loosing the “heart” of Italian food. Known for the lingering, exquisitely balanced flavours in all his dishes food critics have noted that Tony achieves these great results by not overworking the fresh ingredient – it’s simple and it’s ‘sassi’. 

With a natural abundance of mouth-watering fresh seafood Tony is renowned for his skills working with this produce, beautifully bought together in his signature Chilli Mud Crab.  A sensitive, intelligent reflection of the location, the produce underpinned by rock solid technique. With his light hand and ability to extract flavours from his few, carefully chosen ingredients, the result is a quite literally a memorable dish that will leave you mulling it over in your mouth for days.  A great example of Tony preparing food he believes in, which evokes your taste memories aplenty.   

Service is on point, a well-oiled machine of Italian spirit on both floor and in the kitchen, captained by restaurant manager Vincenzo.  Hired for his beaming smile and exemplary hospitality background, Vincenzo hails from Puglia, the next region to the south of Abruzzo on the Adriatic coast. As such, you immediately feel the welcome embrace of an Italian community right in the heart of Port Douglas. Witness the interaction between a culinary icon and the upcoming generation in hospitality - you can see why this team provides a recipe for success. 

As you would expect, the menu also offers a range of favourites to suit every taste and budget.  Enjoy handmade pasta, sensational chargrilled steaks or one of their personal favourites, Carpaccio di Salmone. If a bar atmosphere and grazing is more your style, then sample one of their authentic Italian pizzas or alternatively some spuntini with your chilled glass of wine of beer is a great option. 

Whether you choose to dine outside under the stars and bougainvillea, street side for great people watching or inside in airconditioned comfort for the summer, just remember … 

at Sassi it is simple, it is all about the taste, service and enjoying la dolce vita!