As I make my way across the back deck of MV Monsoon, I force those little niggles of nerves all the way down to the bottom of my tummy. It is my very first dive on The Great Barrier Reef, one of The Seven Wonders of the Natural World, and I am here, on my own private vessel, with my own private dive guide – what an absolute treat. 

Time is passing as slowly as I had hoped, I’m feeling so relaxed.

My toes dangle over the edge and as I look down into what I believe to be the most brilliant colour of blue I have ever seen, Tom asks, “Divers ready?” 

Gulp. Here we go! 

I take one giant stride and plunge into the Coral Sea. Bubbles engulf my body and tickle my face, and as they dwindle I remind myself to breath slowly …Wow, this is really it; I can see it right in front of me, right below me, to my left and to my right.  The incredible organism that can be seen from space is only feet away from my finger tips – the magical Great Barrier Reef.  

On board MV Monsoon with my dive guide Tom Lang was the highlight of my holiday and an experience I’ll never forget 

Tom signals OK, and we begin to descend. A large pinnacle rises up from the depths below - a pyramid of colours swaying in the sea current. I look closely at the coral and am reminded of what Tom had told me on the surface – each tiny polyp is a single organism, which makes up a whole, an animal related to sea anemones and jellyfish, one that needs sunlight to grow. The corals are beautiful, hard and soft and all shapes and sizes. Tiny little fish, with fluorescent blue and yellow stripes dart between the corals, trying to get a glimpse of me as I am of them.  I see a bright blue sea star clinging to the rocky base of the pinnacle, a symphony of dancing fish swim right by me, oblivious to the stranger so entranced by the details of their underwater world. Time is passing as slowly as I had hoped, I’m feeling so relaxed.  I take a moment to enjoy my quiet contentment.

Tom then guides us right and towards deep sandy slopes. It is then that I see it, my first ever shark.  I am diving with a shark! Yessss! It’s as beautiful as I imagined, quietly going about its business, sharing its world with us, not fazed by our presence.  I continue to watch for what seems an eternity until it disappears behind a huge coral head. Impressive Gorgonian Fans and Harp corals, and giant soft corals dominate the structure as they sway and shake in the slight current.  

I think I am beginning to understand the deep connection to the ocean I have heard so many divers talk about. This is just magical. 

Tom brings me back to the moment with a thumbs up.  A spiral of slow upward kick strokes takes us back through the labyrinth of underwater treasures. 

I check my air and then with my buddy. I’m pretty happy with myself.  We begin to make a leisurely ascent until we find the shallows for a safety stop. Clams! How BIG are the clams! It is now obvious why Tom has guided us here for our final impressions. Wow! 

Upon reaching the surface, I inflate my BCD, look up to the blue skies and lie back with a colossal smile on my face. The submerged world is flourishing, and I have just played witness to a few of its wonders. Back onboard the crew are beaming as they hand me a warm drink and listen to me talk excitedly of my incredible encounters and momentous realisations. I have a million questions for Tom and he happily and patiently answers.  I’m learning so much and I love it! 

As if on cue, the crew bring out a delicious lunch.  Served with a 360-degree view of blue, chatting with new friends, I haven’t felt so relaxed in a long time.  Then Tom calls it, “Anyone up for getting wet again?” Unhindered by schedules with a chance for adventure, I am the first in my gear ready to go. This has to be the best day on The Reef anyone has ever had! 


I loved my experience.  To make it your own get in touch with the team at MV Monsoon to tailor your perfect day: 

Want a Dive Guide? Tom’s local knowledge was the best. Cheers buddy!