The Seared Scallops with Truffled Cauliflower Puree, Crisp Pancetta & Burnt Butter was a dish Andy Gray created in his early years of working in Port Douglas.

A simple clean marriage of flavours of the silky-smooth puree with the subtle flavour of Australia’s finest scallops finished with the crunch of the pancetta & pine nuts adding the perfect texture on the palate.

When opening Wrasse & Roe in 2021 he wanted an iconic dish, ask any local where to go for the best scallops & you’ll be told to go down to see Andy & his team.

Now he shares that secret with you! Enjoy.


Ingredients:   Method:

Scallop meat ~ 60mg (4)
Crisp Pancetta ~ 10gm (2)

Butter ~ 2gm
Cauliflower puree ~ 1 portion

Burnt butter sauce ~ 1 portion

Finely chopped chives ~ pinch. 


Pre-heat a small pan.

Add butter to pan and sear scallops on one side for 1-11/2 minutes. Turnover and sear other side for 15 seconds.

Spoon puree into 4 circles on plate to form 4 bases.
Place pancetta on 2 of the bases then scallops on all 4 bases.
Spoon burnt butter sauce over each scallop, finish with chopped chives.




Ingredients:   Method:

Cream ~ 100ml
Milk ~ 150ml

Cauliflower ~ 1/2
Truffle oil ~ 10ml
Salt & pepper ~ to taste. 


NOTE: Shave surface of cauliflower to create 100 gms of ‘crumbs’ for Burnt Butter Sauce.

Heat cream & milk

Roughly chop remaining cauliflower (after shaving) and add cream/milk. Cook to tender and strain keeping liquid aside.

Blend cauliflower whilst slowly adding reduced cream/ milk & truffle oil to correct consistency

Season to taste.


BEURRE NOISETTE (10 portions)

Ingredients:   Method:

Butter ~ 250g

Lemon juice & zest ~ 1/2

Red Onion ~ 1/2

Cauliflower crumb ~1/2

Pinenuts ~ pinch

Season ~ to taste

       Melt & ‘burn’ butter in pan to nutty stage
then add a squeeze of lemon juice & zest
Add diced red onion, cauliflower crumbs & Pinenuts. Season. Keep warm to serve.

Recipe Courtesy of Andy Gray, Wrasse & Roe