Embark on an enchanting journey - without ever leaving the shore. Introducing “Sails by Hemingway’s”, Port Douglas’ latest gem nestled beautifully at the iconic Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina. Here, every detail is crafted to captivate the discerning tastes of the seasoned traveller.

The backdrop? A mesmerizing sunset over the marina and across to the Daintree Rainforest beyond. This isn’t just another establishment. It’s a promise of moments that transcend the ordinary.

Roman Haslinger, Head of Hospitality at Hemingway’s Port Douglas, shares the vision behind this sophisticated tropical haven. “Our aspiration was to rejuvenate the quintessential marina charm,” he muses. The attention to detail and craftsmanship in every facet of this establishment beckons patrons to relish in its elegance.

Sails is not merely about premium drinks – it’s a voyage through a handpicked selection of over 60 distinguished wines, many of which are rare finds in the region. Connoisseurs will especially appreciate the option of indulging in premium wines by the glass, a true testament to the establishment’s commitment to quality that is both accessible and affordable. The brainchild behind this exquisite wine selection is none other than CEO and founder, Tony Fyfe.

But the allure doesn’t end there. The cocktail offerings, meticulously designed by their adept team, are a symphony of top-tier spirits with a twist, paying homage to the tropical allure of Far North Queensland. Dive deeper into their spirit collection, and one discerns the touch of hospitality experts, especially in the whiskey, bourbon, gin, and tequila sections. Also, for connoisseurs who delight in finding hidden treasures, Sails stocks local award-winning spirits.

For those who cherish a sumptuous pairing, Sails presents an array of sophisticated light fares. Relish in the freshest seafood selections such as kingfish ceviche, or indulge in European delicacies like terrines, artisanal cheese, and charcuterie. And for a touch of continental elegance? Don’t bypass the Swiss cheese or chocolate fondue, authentically presented in cast-iron.

The menu is the brainchild of Mr Haslinger and chef Karel Polo Solis from Peru. Chef Karel has a wealth of experience in fine dining establishments. He brings his knowledge of Peruvian cuisine along with a strong understanding of various other cuisines with a modern approach, such as French, Italian, Spanish and contemporary Australian styles.

While primarily a wine and cocktail bar, Sails perfectly encapsulates the essence of a relaxed evening soiree, making it the ideal stopover for both pre- and post-dinner rendezvous or a light gourmet meal. “Our mission at Sails is to provide an unparalleled setting to savour top-notch food and beverages,” affirms Mr Haslinger.

Moreover, for those seeking an immersive experience, the venue promises themed nights from mixology classes to intimate acoustic sessions, ensuring every visit remains etched in memory.

Distinguished adults in search of a serene, exclusive space will find Sails as the quintessential haven. Please note, Sails curates its ambiance to suit mature patrons, ensuring a serene environment for all.

Discover this treasure on Thursdays through Sundays, from noon till the late hours, or plan a private soirée any day you fancy. Embrace the luxury, the view, the magic that is “Sails by Hemingway’s”.