Words by Byron Filmer


Daintree Village; a hidden treasure well worth the visit


Up past the turn to the ferry, through Humbug Reach, the Daintree Village lays wedged between the hills surrounded by rainforest just waiting to be explored by those looking to escape busy streets and crowded footpaths.


Living in the picturesque Daintree Village for the past 14 years has been a remarkable experience. I am fortunate to have grown up in such a stunning place. It was a huge change of scenery from where I moved from in Victoria at two years old. I attended the small Daintree State primary school that consisted of only 14 students with split classes. Remote education was great and provided a wonderful opportunity for one-on-one learning setting me up well for high school.


The Daintree Village was first established in 1883 as a base for the red cedar timber industry. It had no road connection to Mossman until the 1933 meaning each journey out of the village meant a six to eight hour horse ride. The village also had no mains electricity until 1966. Daintree State School opened in 1924 by which time the town consisted of a sawmill, a butter factory, a general store and many other small businesses. Today the Daintree Village thrives off tourism and beef cattle farming and still has many friendly long- term locals who would be happy to chat about the town’s history.


The village welcomes you in as you emerge from the trees onto the quiet streets lined with homes both old and new. As you travel through the town make sure to visit the Daintree Village Hotel for some lunch, and while you’re there ask about the rich history that lies within.

Alternatively, stop by The Croc Xpresso Café to enjoy a coffee and a snack while you soak up the atmosphere around you.

Do you feel like waking up to the sounds of the rainforest? Why not book a night at the Daintree Eco Lodge and treat you and your significant other to a luxury spa treatment or a romantic dinner overlooking the lagoon to sample some of the delicious locally sourced produce.

If you’re the camping type, settle in and stay the night at the Daintree Riverview Lodges & Van Park and look over the Daintree River as you cook up a feast on the BBQ.

While you’re in the Daintree take the opportunity to journey along the vast Daintree River with one of the many cruise operators in the area, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for crocodiles laying in the mangroves taking in the sun, or the native birds residing in the rainforest trees.

Feel like leaving the main road? If so, head towards Upper Daintree along the dirt road for a different angle of the Daintree River and a view of the lush farmland running through the valley which is home to hundreds of Brahman beef cattle for which the area is well known.

If you’re staying in Port Douglas, the Daintree Village is the perfect little day trip. Stop by for lunch or even spend the night. The town is a hidden gem within the Daintree Rainforest and in my opinion visiting should 100% be a part of your holiday plan.

The Daintree Village is a 40-minute drive from Port Douglas.



Byron Filmer is a year 10 student from the local Mossman High School. Byron joined the team for his work experience week and one of his projects was to share with us, and you, an experience he felt should be added to your holiday bucket list.