Most of us know that tropical experiences deliver palm tree lined beaches, crystal clear rivers, tropical rainforests and memorising sunsets.  

And Port Douglas is the celebration of North Queensland's unique first world tropical beauty and lifestyle.

Visitors should be aware however of the below tropical weather elements to ensure they can fully enjoy their stay.

Tropical Sun

Although it sounds obvious please ensure children and yourselves are protected if in the sun for long periods of time. The tropcial sun is is very strong between the hours of 10am and 2pm. Full sun suits are available for children on most reef tours so just be careful around the pool or when you go to Four Mile Beach.

Tropical Cyclones

Tropical cyclones are significant weather events that affect areas in Tropical North Queensland. Warnings are given well in advance and their destructive nature will only affect locations in their direct path. Visitors are advised to access local news websites and contact their accommodation providers for updates regarding travel to the area in the event of a tropical weather warning.

Tropical Flooding

Flooding can be created from tropical rain events. These events will generally be identified in advance and visitors can ensure they are not affected by staying in contact with their accommodation provider. Flooding will only occur during the period of rain and quickly subside due to surrounding mountain ranges and rivers moving the water directly out to sea. Please check local news sites and contact your accommodation provider for more questions if a flooding event occurs around your travel times.