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Reef Sprinter Port Douglas has 3 different tour options.


The first tour
Option A

$160 adult
2 1/4 hour tour

  • This tour takes you to the Low Isles Reef (not the island) which is just 15 minutes away from Port Douglas and you won't get seasick! You get an hour and a half of snorkelling on one of the Great Barrier Reefs most spectacular coral cays.


Our second tour
Option B

$205 adult
3 and a half hours and visits the Low Isles island

  • It takes just 15 minutes to get out there and you have about 2 and a half hours to explore the island and the reef off the island.

So the main difference between Option A and B is snorkelling from the back of the boat with no island access (option A) or snorkelling from the beach with island access (Option B). Both of our Low Isles tours have a glass bottom boat so even if you don't swim you can still see the spectacular reef, turtles and diverse marine life. These Low Isles tours are great for beginners as it is nice and sheltered at the snorkelling site, people who want a shorter boat ride (only 15 mins) and people who can’t swim (glass bottom boat).


Our third tour
Option C

$250 adult
Outer Reef Snorklling Tour

  • On this one you get to the Outer Reef in just 40 minutes, allowing you an hour and a half snorkelling on one of the most spectacular sites on the Outer Barrier Reef with amazing underwater visibility. On this trip you will see lots of colourful corals, large fish and other diverse marine life.

This trip only runs when it is less than 15 knots and it is only recommended for people who can swim.


Departure times:

Morning 9am - 11:15am
Mid Morning 11:30am - 1:45pm
Afternoon 2pm - 4:15pm



We have a strict 24 hour 100% cancellation policy. On days of high winds, our boats are not suitable for bad backs, elderly, frail, young, pregnant.


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  • All snorkelling equipment
  • Wet Suits and Stinger Suits when required
  • Environmental Marine Charge
  • Bottle of water


44 Wharf Street, Port Douglas


The Port Douglas Reef Sprinter Team

Tour availability check via TPD team

Tour availability check via TPD team