Australia’s leading wildlife experience, Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas, is going dark with its latest attraction, an ultra-modern purpose-built Nocturnal Habitat.
The new walk-in attraction features twelve spacious exhibits with some very special arrivals on their way. Under the ‘starry’ night sky explore three ecosystems, wonder through Woodlands, Rainforest and the Outback, witnessing wildlife at play in their night environment.
The Nocturnal Habitat has been a very ambitious project with a complex design. The building itself was once used as a residence in the park’s past that had to be gutted and completely overhauled, which was no easy task.
Wildlife habitat General Manager Andrew Hearn thinks perhaps the most fascinating feature of the building is the ability to use technology to replicate nature
The highly sophisticated energy efficient down lighting is a first of its kind in Australia and supplied locally. Using smart technology, the 50 plus lighting devices communicate through WIFI to simulate a reversed day-night cycle and change of circadian rhythm in the Nocturnal Habitat.
During the artificial day theses lights will emit UVA & UVB to replace the health benefits of natural light. On the flip side of the switch, in the artificial night the complexity comes from the colour emanated, since some wildlife in alternate environments respond differently to hues of mostly red, yellow and blue, meaning each light needs to be adjusted to minimally impact animal behaviours.
Look up and you might spot the Southern Cross, with over 3600 tiny fibre optic lights that provide a star-filled night sky.
Climate control is also a vital requirement since there will be three environments represented the temperature regulations is critical, through sensored air conditioning units, heat lamp and customized insolation each species will be snug as a bug night and day.
Have you ever wondered why some animals thrive in the dark? What senses do they need to survive over night?
Discover the secret life of night animals and unearth the mysteries of what’s making those noises as you drift off to sleep, that bump in the night, could it be a possum playing? Climbing, feeding, hopping - witness some fascinating species doing what they do in their natural habitat.
“The Wildlife Habitat has always had a strong focus on wildlife education, awareness and conservation” Says Hearn, “We believe through observation comes appreciation, and through appreciation comes education.”
“The addition of our Nocturnal Habitat is another unique opportunity for us to provide these ethos to our guests in a first-rate immersion attraction.”
The Nocturnal Habitat comes as part of the Wildlife Habitat’s 30th Anniversary enhancement projects and impressive attractions and even more wildlife interactions.
 Wildlife Habitat is in Port Douglas and is Australia’s leading wildlife experience, providing visitors with a chance to observe a huge range of flora and fauna up close. 

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