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Welcome to Back Country Bliss River Drift Adventures


Duration: Approx 2 hrs


Back Country Bliss Adventures Port Douglas offers small group shared adventures, as well as exclusive private travel experiences through Tropical North Queensland.


From Port Douglas, the tour takes approx. 3.5 return including transfers
- Morning departure 9am
- Afternoon Departure 2:00pm


Children 4-15yrs


Escape into the rainforest on a River Drift adventure, a perfect retreat from the heat, located just 20 minutes north of Port Douglas. This unique tour offers a blend of hiking and serene river floating in the lush rainforest of the Mossman River. Begin with a rewarding walk upstream on a granite sand riverbed, towing your lightweight river sled behind amidst the rainforest canopy.

Uncover the fascinating history and significance of the Mossman River, learning about its vital role in the ecosystem, take refreshing swims in clear waters, and immerse yourself in the stunning surroundings. 

The journey takes an exciting turn as you board your river sled, setting off on a floating adventure downstream. Gliding through a secret creek, you'll merge onto the main Mossman River. Here, surrounded by rainforest and the gentle sounds of flowing water, the river carries you through its winding path. 

This tour is an ideal mix of active exploration and relaxed floating, making it the perfect way to cool off and connect with nature, just a stone's throw from Port Douglas.


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Pick up from anywhere in Port Douglas and Mossman


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Tour availability check via TPD team

Tour availability check via TPD team