Trying to judge accommodation in Port Douglas or in Australia in general by the number of stars accredited to it is a minefield of different information and different points of assessment.  

Just like any celebrity show the more stars the better!  There are hotels now that boast 6 and 7 stars. For a consumer trying to wade through more stars than viewing the night sky on a clear night it can be confusing.


3 Ways Port Douglas Accommodation is Rated and Reviewed

Trip Advisor rated Accommodation in Port Douglas

Hardly anyone now books holiday accommodation or tours without referring to the ‘bible’ of any travel experience – Trip Advisor.  There is nothing better than word of mouth to spread the word about a good or a bad experience.  Trip Advisor harnesses consumer feedback to help consumers make a more concerted decision. 

Reviewers are asked to rate on a star level service, location, rooms and an overall rating.  Other questions on the facilities at the accommodation place are also requested, plus an area where the reviewer can write up in more detail their positive or negative comments on their experience.

Once a year Trip Advisor holds its national awards, Port Douglas Accommodation figures highly in these ratings. 


Self-Rated Accommodation in Port Douglas

Hotel and Resort owners and proprietors grade their own accommodation.  This self-rating is mainly based on the facilities and standard of accommodation that they offer.  Due to Trip Advisor it is unlikely that anyone is going to rate themselves a 7 star hotel when they are scraping a 3 star.  Most owners will self-rate at a realistic star setting to match their guest’s expectation.  This rating is open to interpretation of the individual owners, some will rate purely on facilities available, others will rate on the level of the luxury they offer.


Star Ratings – Officially Accredited Accommodation

The below features and judged and points are added up and stars are awarded as follows:  

Very Good 65-74% 4 Star
Superior  75-89% 4.5 Star
Excellent 90-100% 5 Star

Quality is maintained by visiting ‘mystery guests’ who ensure that quality is upheld.  Ongoing reviews given by guests are also closely monitored. 

This rating has strict levels of accreditation and is based various factors: