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         Meet Neo, the craftsman inspiring the perfect cup.  Dive into some unforgettable experiences    Terry Carmichael enlightens us on some of the
                                             with the Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort.  wonders and challenges facing the Wet Tropics.
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         IN GOOD HANDS
         Chris Morris, shaping the face of    SIGNATURE DISH                     THE FORCE IS STONG
         North Queensland Tourism.           Featuring Moreton Bay Bugs by       WITH THIS ONE
                                             Nautilus Restaurant                 A local healer and Shaman from the
         28                                  60                                  Kuku Yalanji tribe. Meet ‘Mooks’

         ANCHORS AWAY!                                                           102
         Tess & Syd, and the brand that      SAVOUR
         is the perfect lifestyle fit.       Enjoy our top picks in              DYNAMIC DUOS
                                             Restaurants & Bars                  Meet some of the talented teams enjoying life and
         34                                  68                                  thriving in the business in the Douglas Shire

         STORIES OF ROMANCE                                                      108
         Josh & Emily                        SIPPING INTO SPRING
         A romantic afternoon wedding in the    Matt McMaster shares some of his favourite wine   SELLING SECRETS
         Mowbray Valley.                     and food pairings for the upcoming season.  Can you influence your property’s selling price?
                                                                                 Rosie Wang is here to help.
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         THE ART OF TROPICAL LIVING          RECIPE                              110
         Need some personal recommendations for your next   Ben Wallace, co-owner and chef from award winning   SURVIVING SAMOA
         luxurious stay? Read on...          Oaks Kitchen & Garden shares a delectable dessert.  From dream to reality TV show,
                                                                                 Michael Warren is a Survivor!
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         ODI ET AMO (HATE & LOVE)            EXPLORE                             116
         Photographer & Marine Biologist, Federico shares   Join the locals, get out and about and let them   THE FOREVER REEF PROJECT
         his encounters of the Minke kind.   show you around
                                                                                 Dr Dean Miller on safeguarding the world’s most
                                                                                 precious collection
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         STAY                                Q & A WITH ALICIA URWIN
         Step into Our World.                Marine Biologist & Master Reef Guide
         The best places to lay your head.

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