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                          G’day readers! 
                            Thank you to those of you who read regularly - we love seeing the subscriptions grow - and the frequent visitors who
                             pop into our office to say, “Hi.” And, of course, to those reading PORT DOUGLAS for the first time.
                              I would also like to take this moment to thank our amazing team who work tirelessly across our publications.
                              This publication has long been a labour of love. Mesmerised by the idea of a playground for the rich and famous,
                              Port Douglas was a distant destination in my childhood. It appeared on the horizon in 1987 when Christopher
                             Skase built Gold Coast’s sister marina in Port Douglas. The idea of these opulent white boats moored at the ready
                             to explore remote islands and tropical reefs captured my imagination. As too did the thought of owning a 44-foot
                           Scarab!  The dreams of a 12-year-old boy growing up on the beautiful Broadwater and South Stradbroke Island. 
                        Years later my brother would venture north, chasing his dream of driving one of Quicksilver’s rocket like Wavepiercers.
          Giving in to the powerful hold that Port Douglas puts on you after your first visit, I would soon follow.
          Our dad used to say, “It’s like Neverland up there. There are no grown-ups!” The magic dust blows in off the reef and down from the rainforest at
          night and every new day starts as if it were your last.  A feeling that has kept me here 25 years on. 
          Soon after arriving I found myself flying daily in helicopters above what would become a passion of mine, the Great Barrier Reef. That overview
          effect experienced by astronauts orbiting earth is somewhat shared by those who experience the Great Barrier Reef from the air. I regularly consoled
          passengers flooded with tears of joy returning from a reef flight. There is nothing more wondrous! Well, maybe one thing, Dear Elon :)
          The Great Barrier Reef holds something very special to us all. As a symbol of the world’s most unique ecology, its transformative visual effect from
          under and above the water and sadly too, a reminder of the earth’s struggle to keep up with humanity’s desperate race for more. As the world’s
          only living wonder, it is a global icon.
                      In 2011 I would co-found the the Great Barrier Reef Marathon, raising money and awareness for front-line research projects.
                      Starting from humble beginnings it attracted thousands of runners from all over the world to Port Douglas. Fast forward to
                      2023, we are taking the conversation of climate change and the Great Barrier Reef to 23 cities around Australia and New
                      Zealand. Sound interesting and fun? Great! Look out for the Run4planet movement and its signature Reefys this October!
                      So, there you go, like many before me I’m a Port Douglas tragic from way back - seduced by the love of the people and their
                      unique vibe, lured by the opulence of freedom, and inspired by the magnitude and journey of the Great Barrier Reef. 
  It’s pretty special up here, enjoy your stay :)


                                 SAM CULLEN

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