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             MA G AZIN E

                                           SUMMER 2021


                                           12                                    60
                                           DEPTH OF FIELDS                       EXPLORE
                                           Meet Stephen and Reuben Nutt, pushing the limits   Join the locals, get out and about and let them show
                                           behind the lens                       you around
                                           22                                    64
                                           SONGLINES OF THE TROPICAL             SEA SISTERS
                                           NORTH                                 The Lady and the Pirate – It’s a Family Affair!
                                           Traditional Owners Kuku Yalanji people, the   68
                                           cultural custodians of our region’s soul  DAINTREE DELICIOUS
                                           26                                    Mouthwatering journey on a Daintree Food Trail
                                           THE GOOD                              78
                                           SHROOM COMPANY
                                           Meet the local entrepreneurs whose passion for   PUPPY PARADISE
                                           mushrooms are creating some scrumptious works of art  Get the most out of your holiday with your furry
                                           30                                    87
                                           Step onto Our World.                  FIRST LAND RELEASE IN YEARS
                                           The best places to lay your head      New Port Estate –  Time to make your first home a
                                                                                 reality and live the dream.
                                           38-41                                 98
                                           STORIES OF ROMANCE
                                           Tom & Lisa’s Port Douglas Wedding     ESCAPE VILLAS
                                                                                 We explore John Morris’ latest venture.
                                           46                                    Escape Villas setting the benchmark for tropical living
                                           SIGNATURE DISH
                                           The Ones to Watch! Meet the Culinary Duo that
                                           are Melaleuca Restaurant
                                           FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD
                                           Enjoy our top picks in Restaurants & Bars
                                           PERFECT PAIRS
                                           Match the perfect bite with your favourite
                                           Hemingway’s craft beer
                                           WEEKENDS AT THE BEACH
                                           Get the most out of your day on Famous Four Mile
                                           beach - Cassie Flinn from             SUBSCRIBE TO THE
   PHOTO CREDIT:                           @littleonesupnorth shares her top tips   PORT DOUGLAS MAGAZINE
   Stephen Nutt
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