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                    G                       rowing up in England, with a World Map on my

                                            bedroom wall, I knew from an early age that I was
                                            destined to travel.  Little pins would continually be
                                            added and moved around the country, Europe, and
                                            indeed the World.  Back then I did not know much
                                            about Australia, let alone a beautiful coastal town in
                                            Far North Queensland called Port Douglas.
                                            From the first day I set foot in this town I was
                                            mesmerised by its natural beauty and still am two
                                            decades later. Every time I walk out on to the beach,
                                            take my bike and head for the hills, hit the ocean or
                       immerse myself in the crystal-clear waters of the Daintree rainforest, I feel grateful.
                       I am quite literally in awe.  More importantly, it makes me stop – just for that split
                       second, not thinking about everyday worries but just living and enjoying the now.
                       This is one of the many things that makes this town so appealing to visit, holiday or
                       indeed live in.
                       Whether you are exploring your own backyard or planning your next trip, Port
                       Douglas Daintree region is flourishing.  Add great food, an abundance of fresh
                       produce, shopping and experiences abound, and your next adventure awaits.

                       Like many, I have grown to appreciate that travel offers so much more though.  It
                       encourages you to broaden your horizons and boosts confidence as it provides a
                       real-life education, appreciating different cultures, personal growth and enhancing
                       your creativity with each experience.  Ultimately you may not remember a date (or
                       even a year!) but travel, whether alone, with friends or family, creates memories.
                       And these will last forever.

                       Time to reset your life, be inspired or simply have fun? Port Douglas Daintree is
                       the perfect place to write your new chapter.  Rest assured, when you are ready and
                       able, our community is here to welcome you with open arms.  It is time to holiday
                       here this year!
                       Welcome to Port Douglas Daintree.

                       Enjoy your time.


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                    Kate Agrums    The Morris Family      Sofia Cullen          Perrin Clarke Photography
                   David Cotton      Reuben Nutt          Cassie Flinn           Rian Cope Photography
                 Adam & Nahmee Ion   Stephen Nutt        Sharon Timms           Matthew Evans Photography
                    Kim Logan        Rachel Smith                            Alison George of Catseye Productions
                    Brydie Maro      Tom & Lisa                                 Katie Purling Photography
                   Rick Measday     Sheena Walshaw

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