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                                                      WORDS by Jeremy LeBeuf

            The saying goes “beauty is in the eye of   If you’re not doing something in life that you don’t   You see Reuben’s not one to shy away from an
            the beholder” but when the beholder is   absolutely love then your whole world can seem   adventure, he’s happiest when he’s taking a bite out
                                                as flimsy as a house of cards. You go through your   of life. It’s peak is when he’s climbing to unseen
            an  amazingly  talented  up  and  coming
                                                days just waiting for the whole thing to collapse.   heights, chowing down on raw adrenaline and
            photographer, then the beauty is shared
                                                Having that feeling just after graduating in   fresh air with the sweet desserts of jaw dropping
            with millions.                                                          mountain top views rarely witnessed. Capturing
                                                business, Stephen wasn’t having any of it, and
            With a flair for capturing the nuances of life,   with an ace up his sleeve he pursued a calling.   these moments have become a signature for him
            Reuben Nutt has taken some unreal shots, a click   Not waiting for a knock, he walked through the   often highlighting the unbridled beauty of Port
            from his camera having the power to turn tourism   door of opportunity, cutting his teeth in the high   Douglas and Daintree, plus he looks really cool
            destinations into worldwide celebrated icons. If   stress game of wedding photography, and he   standing silhouetted on the edge of a rainforest
            you’re unfamiliar with his work, you only need to   never looked back.  cliff.
            look at any recent Tourism Queensland campaign                          He faced a familiar dilemma as his Dad when he
                                                Whether it’s fashion, food, travel or art - over the
            or check out what’s trending on Instagram.                              finished University: “Do you follow your dreams
                                                decades Stephen’s creative eye has captured it.
            The sun has really turned it on, like it usually does   What has been the key to his unending success?   or chain yourself to a desk?” Well, nobody puts
            in Tropical Port Douglas, on the morning I sit   Stephen takes a sip of his latte: “You just have   Reuben in the corner! He took his “play” of the
            down with renowned photographers Stephen and   to be willing to do what it takes,” he says. “You   snapping art to the next level and continued to
            Reuben Nutt. We aptly meet at the charmingly   constantly need to reinvent yourself, loving what   develop his style. An unconventional shutterbug,
            photogenic  Whileaway Café and Bookshop.   you do and keep pushing to have an edge in the   he is entirely self-taught with a photography
            A quaint table in the back gives us unrushed   game.”                   PHD (Passion. Hustle. Desire.) that gives him
            time to chat, another thing that cruisy Port                            a swagger to do things differently.  The game
                                                Still in his prime he’s not showing any sign of
            Douglas does well. However I learn when you’re                          changer came at a time when he started sharing
                                                slowing down, having just recently taken on
            a sought-after photographer you are very busy                           his content in little squares on a relatively new
                                                an experiential shoot for the Grande Dame of
            and Reuben needs to fly out on a photoshoot                             App that was about to blow up – Instagram.
                                                Douglas, the Sheraton Grande Mirage, while still
            shortly.  “Reuben is spending more time hanging                         “I started to post my pics on Instagram to share
                                                making a splash on social media with one stellar
            out of helicopters these days,” says Stephen with                       with friends,” he says as his eyes light up, “then
                                                image of an infinity pool cascading into the
            a smile of admiration for his son as we chat about                      the engagement started to go crazy, I was getting
                                                Coral Sea lit up after being reshared by Tourism
            Reuben’s  upcoming  trip.  Stephen  himself  is  no                     hundreds of thousands of likes!” Pinging off the
            stranger to capturing astonishing aerials having                        hook, his images were being reshared and shown
            leant out of his fair share of whirlybirds at a time                    around the globe.  The DMs came in fast and
            when drones were still something written about   AGE OF CONTENT         furious by the likes of Flight Centre and Tourism
            in science fiction novels.                                              Queensland looking to share his squares.
                                                Coming from good stock, I guess you could say
            It doesn’t take long to see the undeniable
                                                that photography was in the cards for Reuben. “I   That was his “Ah ha” moment - life started to take
            similarities between father and son, while the
                                                started just filming stuff when I was younger, I’d   shape: “I wanted to travel places, I had no money,
            parallels in their careers make for an uncanny
                                                do tricks with a deck of cards and put them on   no cares, I just needed to go.” With nothing to
            subplot to their stories. But it’s their shared
                                                YouTube,” he says, “I was just playing around but   lose he was on his way. “I booked a $50 one-way
            pursuit of telling the story of the unbridled   I was learning too.” Enthusiasm oozes when he   ticket to the Whitsundays and contacted Tourism
            beauty of Port Douglas Daintree and nourishing
                                                speaks of his passions, this zest a byproduct of his   Queensland  to  see  if  I  could  do  anything  for
            the nature up here that captivates me.
                                                thrill-seeking spirit.              them.” As luck would have it the tourism body
                                                                                                PORT DOUGLAS MAGAZINE   13
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