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CLICKING WITH NATURE                                 visitors is also something that plays into this message,” he says, taking this
                                                               task very seriously doing things for the Earth each day.
          Growing up with front-row access to the au-naturel marvels of Port Douglas
          and Daintree planted in Reuben the seed for adventure. Surrounded by   If you’re planning a visit to Port Douglas Daintree you can heed to Rueben’s
          mountains, waterfalls, beaches and unspoiled sprawling rainforests gave him   message without worry, because in a world first this slice of paradise has
          a profound appreciation for the environment. Reuben’s imagery reflects both   been awarded Ecotourism Australia’s Eco-Destination Certification, which
          of these, inspiring people to connect with nature and exposing the world on   means Mother Nature is shining in all her glory over Port Douglas Daintree.
          environmental matters.
          “I think trying to communicate the natural world through a visual medium  KEEPING FOCUS
          that allows people to relate more and hopefully have a stronger desire to
                                                               It was a pleasure to be able to sit down with these two genuinely nice gents.
          protect it,” he says with conviction.  “It’s hard to make a connection to
                                                               Their brilliance made me think that if photography speaks to the finest and
          something if you don’t even know it exists.” He’s on a quest to find “unicorn”
                                                               most generous part of our human nature then it’s clear why Stephen and
          locations, raw unblemished gems that are still waiting to be explored, and
                                                               Reuben are so naturally talented, they embody this. Personal, passionate,
          I’m sure there is no shortage of them in the world’s oldest living Daintree
                                                               and charismatic their desire to share their beautiful, interesting and quirky
                                                               images of our world, bringing millions of strangers together into one life.
          Usually your wanderlust bucket list is overflowing with a bunch of exotic, far-  How powerful is that?
          off destinations. I get it, mine too. Insert one of Reuben’s inspiring mountain
          top  photos  engulfed  in  heavy  fog.   His  pictures  remind  us  that  Mother
                                                               REUBEN NUTT                          STEPHEN NUTT
          Nature’s magic is right here in our own backyard. Full of real-life places that
          defy description mere kilometres away from Port Douglas, for an escape
                                                               @reubennutt                     @portdouglasphotographer
          that searches the soul you only need to holiday here - #holidayherethisyear
          With plenty of environmental issues facing the planet including the Great
          Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest, his stories encourage people to
          nourish nature. “I want to strike a balance between bringing awareness to
          the impact of the changing climate and not alarming potential tourists and

                                                                                                    PHOTO: Stephen Nutt
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