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                COLLABORATIONS ARE KEY                                                       “Step into our World...” campaign
                                                                                             partner  @mycolourfulworld_ is
                Port Douglas - if you are not here reading this poolside in                  the brainchild of travel and lifestyle
                region - is a stunning destination on the edge of the Great                  photographer Katie Purling.
                Barrier Reef in Tropical North Queensland.
                It is often referred to as punching above its weight in terms of             Quickly consumed by visual arts
                tourism delivery within Queensland’s juggernaut two billion                  in 2015, Katie has gone from
                                                                                             strength to strength pursuing a
                dollar Great Barrier Reef visitor industry.                                  profession that has truely inspired
                Collaborations have always been the successful way to tell the               her. With a camera in her hand,
                story of what is really a very small destination.                            she has captured images that
                STORIES OF ROMANCE                                                           convey not only deep emotion but
                This issue launches the wedding industry collaboration Stories               that inspire a little bit of magic!
                of Romance, inviting couples all around Australia and the                    This issue sees Katie team up again
                world to share the charms of Port Douglas and the real stories               with and
                from their bride and groom’s most intimate moments.                          Virgin Australia as you are invited
                RING THE BELL                                                                to  “Step into our World...”
                Port Douglas opens its arms to those celebrating a successful                Need motivation to book  your
                proposal in paradise. St Mary’s by the Sea and Salsa Bar &                   next holiday? Look no further!
                Grill invite the newly engaged to celebrate with bubbles and
                everyone in earshot of the idyllic church (See page 45)
                LOCK YOUR LOVE
                Find the heart of Port Douglas! Port Douglas Magazine
                and Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina invite everyone to
                lock their love in a place they will visit time and time again.    Our
                (See page 37)                                  COVER
                STEP INTO OUR WORLD...
                Issue 26 again sees online travel and direct booking specialists               MODEL
       collaborate with its partners to                     Kate Pokrovskaya
                invest in the region’s location exposure.
                Film and photography industries require high quality locations.                LOCATION
                Opportunities for crews to visit the region and capture imagery                Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas
                for film and photography distribution delivers Port Douglas in                 PHOTOGRAPHY
                front of hundreds of thousands of people every year.                           Dave Blake Photography
                This year fashion heavyweights Cotton On Body, Frankie               
                Swimwear, Calibre and 22  Australian boutique brands graced
                the beaches, islands, rivers and rainforest surrounding Port
                Douglas and Cape Tribulation.
                Fashion photographer David Blake and Russian born model
                Kate  Pokrovskaya were hosted  in June. This  was the  team                     COPYRIGHT & PUBLISHED BY
                                                                                                Newsport Corporation Pty Ltd
                behind our stunning Stories of Romance cover.                                   In partnership with
                Thank you to, Virgin Australia,            
                Sheraton Grand Mirage, Sailaway Cape Tribulation, Mossman                       Offices located Cnr Owen and Warner St
                Gorge, Avis and the team from Port Douglas Magazine for                         PO Box 127, Port Douglas QLD, 4877,
                another great cover.                                                            Australia.
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