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                                         WILD WOMEN OF FOOD                     DESTINATION
                                         Meet some of the front-runners taking the Far North   Step into our World.
                                         fresh produce scene by storm  team up with Virgin
                                                                                Australia and @mycolourfulworld to invite you to
                                         20                                     “Step into our World”
                                         Could this be the most sought after holiday   87
                                         accessory?  How did this humble footwear become   EXPLORE
                                         your holiday essential?                Join the locals, get out and about and let them show
                                                                                you around.
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                                         STORIES OF ROMANCE
                                         Getting Engaged, Married or Celebrating a Special   HISTORY
                                         Occasion?                              Savour the history and architecture of an icon;
                                         We feature some beautiful Real Life Weddings, with   The Mossman Hospital
                                         perfect partners and experiences.      104
                                         Love is Love, and we are here to celebrate romance!  SHOUT OUT TO THE GREEN SCENE

                                         52                                     Make a difference kids as you enjoy these
                                                                                environmental tips and puzzles
                                         MAN ON A MISSION
                                         Warren Entsch Federal MP discusses life as a
                                         politician and the importance of Marriage Equality to

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                                         FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD                                                                                                                              Now Stocking
                                         Enjoy our top picks in Food, Restaurants & Bars
                                         80                                     WIN A HOLIDAY
                                         RUN FOR THE REEF                       3 nights in Port Douglas
                                         The Great Barrier Reef Marathon just announced a   and a trip to the Coral Cay.
                                         new Elite Ambassador; We take five with Women’s                                                              ALSO STOCKING
                                         Sport Advocate, Chyloe Kurdas                                                                              Stella McCartney Swimwear, Heidi Klum Swim, Sancia, Le Specs, Indian Summer Co. and much more!

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