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                                             omance is in the air!  But then again in Port Douglas whether you
                                               are talking about the climate, the scenery or the overall vibe then
                                                it’s not hard to fall in love with our region.
                                                 As someone who arrived as a visitor, extended her stay, met
                                                 and fell in love with her husband, got married and yes, you
                                                 guessed it, added some children and some family members
                                                 of the furry kind, I am a shining example.  Port Douglas
                                                 welcomed, offered and provided a tropical lifestyle that was
                                                hard to beat.
                                              With an international airport only an hour’s drive along one of
                                             Australia’s most scenic coastal roads and a world famous Reef and
                                          Rainforest on your doorstep, whether it’s a holiday, celebration or to live, you can see why Port
                                          Douglas should be on your “bucket list” to discover for yourself.
                                            With our temperate climate it is easy to explore. Don’t know where to start? Let local talent,
                                              Katie Purling’s adventures inspire you as you, “Step into Our World.”  Alternatively, let
                                               one of knowledgeable locals take you on a tour of our region and share their personal
                                                experiences. Tropical North Queensland, quite simply, it’s good for mind and spirit!
                                                  Striving to keep us healthy on the inside too and fortunate enough to have
                                                     an abundance of fresh produce, start-up businesses in the region have
                                                         flourished.  Meet some of our local entrepreneurs aka movers and
                                                          shakers in ”Wild Women of Food.”  With our natural desire to enjoy
                                                          paddock to plate, Port Douglas provides a home to some fantastic
                                                      restaurants and caterers to suit all occasions, tastes and budgets. So make
                                    sure you save some time for sampling too!!
                                There is an expression, ”If you want something done, then ask a busy person to do it.”  This could certainly
                              be true of federal MP Warren Entsch.  Champion of marriage equality and a driving force behind the “Yes
                             Vote” we ask what’s next from this “Man on a Mission”
                            Now all that is really left for me to say is: “Kick off your shoes” (or hopefully your thongs by now!), and whether
                           you are planning your next adventure, your wedding, or simply some well needed relaxation …
                          Whatever you choose…
                        Enjoy YOUR time.

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               Cassie Flinn          Dave Blake – Dave Blake Photography  Rhys Bawdin       Ben & Steph Nichols
               Darren Garner         Jacky Cooke – Port Douglas Wedding Photography  Dean Bland  Peter Le Griffon
               Sharon Timms          Matthew Evans – Matthew Evans Photography  Ben & Kate Camilleri  Marie O’Donoghue
               Rob Whyte             Alison George – Catseye Productions  Ange Constable    Jenna Rumney
                                     Mario Gonzalez Diaz - IDNMIND       Trent Eldridge     Jill Thoroughgood
                                     Zoe McMahon – Zoe McMahon Photography  Warren Entsch MP  Daphne Timms
                                                                         Pat Gilbert        Penny Wiltshire
                                                                         Chyloe Kurdas      Tommy Young

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