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 This summer, my family and I are planning to ‘stay home’ in Port Douglas for the whole of the
 holidays and, to be quite honest, I am excited! It’s been too long between sips, and no, I am not
 referring to the beautiful matching wines of the Nautilus Restaurant’s degustation or a classic margarita
 bar side at Salsa - although that would be nice! No, I’m talking about taking time to enjoy our own
 backyard, to remind ourselves why we fell in love with this holiday destination and the place we call
 home, Port Douglas.  Every few months the Magazine team works hard to share with you, the very
 best the region has to offer in food, shopping, spa, culture and exploring the great outdoors.  Well,
 my mission this season is to take a leaf out of, well, this publication, and immerse ourselves in some
 holiday fun!  So, let’s do this.   
 I also intend to be a little more organised and try to plan at least some of my social calendar. 
 Something for everyone, this year is going to see our region offer a busy events calendar.  World class events, such as Taste Port Douglas,
 Grand Fondo and Savannah in the Round return, amongst others, so whether it is food, culture, sport, music or entertainment, get
 ahead of the curve and plan your next holiday around one or more of these many events coming to Port Douglas this year.
 It is wonderful to see so many of you back enjoying our region. So many weddings too, a trend that is set to continue no doubt. You
 can positively feel the love in the air.  Take Alex and Emily and their beautiful story of romance and wedding in Port Douglas.  This is
 perhaps an opportune moment, too, to congratulate David Lloyd, local photographer and talent for his stunning photograph of our
 very special little church, St Mary’s by the Sea, that graces our cover.  
 Thankful to call Port Douglas home, we also appreciate that this comes with the responsibility to take care of our precious environment.
 There is a plethora of talented people in our little town, who quite often fall under the radar regarding all the work they are doing
 behind the scenes. They help ensure that we will be able to enjoy some of these natural wonders for generations to come, and for that
 we salute you.  
 Personally, wherever you can, please be mindful of your footprint.  It may be a little cliched but every little bit we do, picking up some
 rubbish, bringing our reusable cup or straw, choosing to re-use our resort towel more than once - every little bit does help and for this,
 we thank you.
 If you are visiting, working, or live here, make the most of your time here in paradise.
 And whatever you choose to do, enjoy your time.


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